Friday, August 1, 2008

On rainy days, it's best to have Erlend Øye on hand

There is a lot to say about weather and moods. It has been raining for the past few days and I cannot shake off moments of wistfulness. I thought, I might as well go with the flow and put Erlend Øye on my player.

I have always loved Øye's works. The lyrical tone of his vocals reminds me of two other favorites, Tracey Thorn of Everything But The Girl (EBTG, with Ben Watt) and Mutya Buena. The simplicity in vocal composition and delivery pierces the soul then lifts it to heights of insights about your life.

The track in this post is from his 2006 side-project with The Whitest Boy Alive. I am presupposing that his main band is Kings of Convenience with Eirik Bøe.

Listen to the Golden Cage. It is one of my favorite tracks in their Dreams album.

Then listen to this remix by DJ Fred Falke. It is as brilliant as the original. Falke took the opening chords and turned them into a hook that he looped into parts of this wonderful electronica-synth remix while seamlessly keeping the clear lyrical tone of Øye's vocals in the original.

On rainy days, I would rather just curl up in bed and listen to Erlend Øye singing.

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